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Clever Uses of Pool Noodles For Your Home and Business

January 20, 2021

Pool noodles are not only great as water toys for kids. These colorful tubes made of foam have a lot of potential as tools for your home and office as well. These foam noodles are a relatively inexpensive multipurpose product that can be used for cushioning, insulation, and protection against sharp or hard objects.


Here are some clever alternative applications for this colorful foam product:



The shipping and delivery process is always a concern for the receiving end of a package. Many businesses focus on good packaging practices which include minimizing empty space in boxes and providing the best protective cushion available at minimal weight. Pool noodles are a wonderful alternative if you are low on bubble wrap. Foam is highly durable with the ability to absorb impact, which can be used to protect heavier products during the shipping and delivery process.


Pipe Insulation

Depending on where you live, metal pipes can become vulnerable to condense and expand with the sudden change of temperatures. Foam is a great material for insulating metal pipes as it becomes a barrier for sudden temperature changes allowing pipes to gradually adapt throughout the seasons.



If you have young children at home, you may look to use pool noodles as a way to protect them from sharp corners or hard metal surfaces. As mentioned before, foam is a great material with the ability to absorb impact. Pool noodles may come in various thicknesses, often between 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches which becomes a wonderful product to wrap around exposed piping or jagged surfaces, as well as the corners of furniture and interiors.


Excessive Vibration

The structure of foam consists of many different cells and pores which has extremely high protective qualities, absorbing physical force. Different manually operated machines today generate a consistently high amount of vibration which may negatively affect the operator. Lawn mowers for example are one of these machines in which the motor and rotational force of the blade generates enough vibration to potentially harm the human body. Installing a foam noodle to the handles of a lawn mower will absorb most of the vibration.


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