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Desirable Features of Foam Screening Spline

December 28, 2023
The best foam screening spline from Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON

Leak-proof windows are crucial to any building's structural integrity. Windows with undesirable gaps and lakes do more harm than good. Why is that? The tiny gaps with time keep getting bigger, creating drafts that put stress on the HVAC system. Gaps around windows and doors allow outside weather to affect the controlled climate inside. What's more? The gaps also can weaken the structure around it and provide a way for bugs and insects to get inside your house. So how do contractors prevent this from happening? They use something called foam screening splines to secure the window screens securely to their frame. 


3 Desirable Features of Foam Screening Spline

When it comes to screening splines, polyethylene foam known as PE foam, is a popular choice. PE foam screening splines have many desirable features that make them highly sought after Let's take a look at three of the most desirable features of foam screening splines.


Polyethylene foam is a highly flexible material. Contrary to conventional rigid splines, foam splines are increasingly pliable. This makes them easy to work with as far as contractors are concerned. The flexibility makes the entire installation process simple and quick. The softness of PE foam splines means that they can be pushed into even narrow slots without having to exert too much pressure. The flexibility also allows for better screen retention, ensuring that your screens stay firmly in place even when there are strong winds or rains outside.


Screening splines need to be durable and PE foam is known for its extreme durability. High-quality PE foam can withstand harsh weather conditions for extended periods. Foam screening splines can even resist UV rays, the harshest of the elements. They are also immune to damage caused by insects or rodents. Investing in good quality screening splines can help you save money in the long run as they do not call for frequent replacements.

Excellent sealing properties

Another notable feature of foam screening spline is its excellent sealing capabilities. When properly installed, the flexible nature of the foam creates a tight seal between the screen frame and the window or door opening. This helps to prevent drafts, dust infiltration, and unwanted pests from entering your home while still allowing for proper ventilation.
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