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Difference Between Polyethylene And Polyurethane Foam

October 12, 2021

If you own a retail or an e-commerce business or perhaps run a packaging unit, you know the importance of high-quality packaging material. There are generally two major options in terms of material, polyurethane and polyethylene foam. When other packing materials are not suitable for sensitive consumer goods, materials and electronics, these two foam materials emerge as the best alternative solution. But which one should you choose for your product packaging? This blog will help you choose wisely.

Here Is How Polyethylene and Polyurethane Foam Are Different From One Another

Polyurethane Foam or Polyester

Also known as polyester, polyurethane is an open-cell foam material that is the same spongy material used in making pillows and mattresses. It can absorb liquids and is perfect for packaging because of its lightweight, flexibility, and other amazing properties. With its high resistance to scratches, it is mostly used in packaging electronic goods such as plasma TVs, computer monitors, and the face of LCDs. 


Polyethylene Foam or PE

What makes polyethylene foam very unique is that it is much more rigid than polyester, and also has properties similar to styrofoam. However, it is even more flexible than styrofoam because PE foam will not split or break when bent. Moreover, PE foam has a closed-cell structure, and hence, it is not susceptible to liquid penetration or breaking. This makes it a much better packaging option for products that must be protected against moisture or other liquids, such as the shock absorbent PE foams manufactured by Alcot Plastics Ltd., a leader in making quality polyethylene products.


Another distinguishing feature of PE foam is its colour and foam density. PE is denser and can be almost considered like softwood, making it an ideal choice in packaging where an item is pretty hefty. Finally, in terms of cost, both foam materials are similarly priced, but the cost increases with higher density foams.

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