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Different Applications of Polyethylene Foam

February 02, 2018

Polyethylene foam is more common than you might think; its flexibility and durability makes it a common material and component in many products. It has high impact resistance, available in varying levels of density, and a low level of friction resistance. This makes polyethylene foam a very useful product in a very wide range of applications.


The Many Different Applications of Polyethylene Foam


Polyethylene Foam is used, in various forms and specification, everywhere from industrial use to recreational and residential use. Here are a just few notable examples of use.

1.       Mattress Components – the foam is used to maintain the structural shape of mattresses and padding; mainly used in sides, corners, and heading.

2.       Roll-Bar Padding for Race Cars - Providing excellent driver protection from side impact, main hoop of the roll-cage, helmet protection and even padding for fire extinguisher tanks.

3.       Custom Bottle stoppers - a clever way to hold or secure bottles and even cup holders, protecting it from vibration and sudden impact as well as maintain a beverage’s desired temperature.

4.       Packaging and protection - Ideal for sensitive electronic gadgets or sensor packaging, glass items or very fragile objects for transportation or shipping.

5.       Gadget or Accessories holder - strong and rigid enough to be used to secure certain gadgets in place or in order, as is the case in some home appliances like windows. Also able to provide impact protection and resistance to avoid damage to gadgets, hardware or accessories.

6.       Bicycle frame and handle bar padding - due to its vibration and impact resistance, it is an ideal padding for handle bars, frames or sidecars.

7.       Construction solutions - foam is also used in home construction, in useful materials like backer rods and screen splines.


There are quite a few types available, and customization can produce different shapes and forms. They can come in sheets, which can be rolled or wrapped around plastic pipes or sensitive instruments. Also available in platforms that can be cut into different dimensions or shapes, inserted into hollow objects for rigidity and protection during shipping. It is an excellent insulator with anti-static properties, giving it an added benefit for electronics packaging.

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