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Different Applications of Soft Backer Rod

February 12, 2018

 A soft backer rod is made of a pliable, bi-cellular, non-gassing material, which gives it more flexibility in a very wide range of uses. Unlike a regular backer rod, it is ideal for hard-to-reach places that need sealing. It gives sealants the benefit of achieving optimum performance.


Soft backer rods do not require any bond breaker and prevent sealant adhesion, making it a popular choice for many kinds of application.


With its unique construction and properties, being softer and more pliable, the uses range from conventional to industrial. They will do the job well when properly used. These are some of the different applications where soft backer rods are commonly used:


  • 1.      Wall Partitions - used to provide an absorbing cushion between walls, thus providing stronger structural integrity.
  • 2.       Parking decks - with the varying weight that a parking deck may have to hold, it is smart to use insulation/sealant in the construction. This ensures a stable and strong frame.
  • 3.       Bridges – Often used where the steel frame meets the pavement, it provides a proper foundation with stability and rigidity.
  • 4.       Highway Pavement -  Applied between concrete slabs, it is used during maintenance where a gap needs to be filled yet be able to absorb vibrations and varying loads from heavy vehicles.

Additionally, a soft backer rod is essential in applications that require uneven or varying widths to be joined. Standard backer rods are not able to do the job properly in such conditions, especially when bubbling is a concern. The soft backer rod can be used instead of regular backer rod in a lot of circumstances.


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