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Enhancing building your muscle with the Backer rod technology

May 19, 2015

When looking for the perfect concrete precast material,a backer rod is a recommendable solution that most builders around the world have known and trusted to deliver the greatest works of our time. This is due to the immense uses it spans in addition to being easy to use by insertion into concrete panels. This also makes it the best solution in filling gaps as well as their applicability in creating backers around doors, windows and wall joints as well as foundations. This leads to great savings in the caulking material as it fills most gaps. It also facilitates the provision of additional insulation increasing efficiency in energy consumption in your home. Moreover, the backer rod can also be used as block drafts offering you superior quality window installations.

The Backer rod technology combines the inert features of traditional fillers with super reaction resistance for most chemical reagents such as gasoline, oil or natural and artificial solvents. This assures you of great safety while using the rods in your concrete construction. In addition to this, the rods are made from stainless material that will not only repel staining materials but also resist adherence to sealants. Additionally, baker rods are light density of between 1.3 and 1.9 lbs/ft3. Thus, you can be sure that their transportation and use will be easy for you. As a poor water absorber, you can further be sure of minimizing water losses due to seepage during construction.  This makes them an excellent solution that will guarantee you of the best results with minimal soaking in water.

With their high stability and antifreeze features, the materials further retain their stability and functional capacity even at extreme temperatures ranging from -900F to 1900F. Therefore, whether building within the tropics or at the Polar Regions, you’ll have little to worry about compression, freezing or hyper expansion due to weather, heat or pressure changes. Thus, your structure will always remain strong without weakening or even loosening at the extreme temperatures. When exposed to pressure compression, Alcot backer rods can stand high pressure of up to 5 psi with a recovery rate being greater that 90%. More to this, the rods also have high tensile of over 29 psi making them capable of baring high stretching forces. Consequently, their use in meeting your concrete expansion control needs will have your short term compression and stretching of the concrete slabs and walls allowing for adequate expansion and compression.