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Essential Elements For A Good Polyethylene Foam Product Maker

May 28, 2018

What is it that makes Alcot Plastics’ polyethylene foam the preferred choice?

Before we delve into that, let’s take a look at some of the innovation we have brought into extruded polyethylene foam products. Alcot Plastics was the first to pioneer the use of a single screw extrusion system. From our point of view, as a manufacturer, this reduces production time, start-up times for the process are much shorter and we can take on smaller orders than other manufacturers. And then there’s the biggest draw of all.

The quality! Our innovation in extruded polyethylene foam manufacturing has yielded a material that is of a higher quality than that from other manufacturers. With our much finer and granular control on the production process, we are able to produce a much more consistent foam product.

With finer control on the production process, we are able to consistently produce a high quality foam product.

At Alcot we have experience working with myriad industries for their polyethylene foam requirements. Our products are used extensively in mattress components for the interior, sides and corners of the mattress. We provide parts of all shapes; this flexibility comes from our production process which allows a varying of the diameter of the polyethylene foam too.

Our foam padding is used in motorsport too! We provide polyethylene foam padding for roll cages in racing cars. It is an essential safety feature for keeping the driver safe, requiring a very high quality product that meets the exacting specifications of the racing series.

Foam is most commonly associated with ‘foam packaging’, and we supply numerous business with polyethylene foam for their goods. More often than not, these are items that are highly susceptible to shock in transport and shipping. Some industries we supply polyethylene foam packing to include electronics, glass and toys.

A trusted supplier for so many industries, Alcot Plastics offers, first and foremost, a great product. We are passionate about our own product, and that reflects in offerings and service. We are pleased to be able to provide high quality polyethylene foam products, offer flexibility to our customers in their design and delivery, and value for their investment.

Anyone buying polyethylene foam from us is bound to be pleasantly surprised by our client-centric approach. We bring the same passion as we have for extruded foam to our approach to exceeding our clients’ expectations.