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Everything You Need To Know About Backer Rods

January 07, 2022

A backer rod is a simple and efficient tool that engineers and contractors use to fill gaps between construction materials. By using these foam rods, contractors can save time and finish the work much faster. They can also save money because of having to use less caulking or sealants to fill the gaps.

Applications Of Backer Rods


Gaps are not good when it comes to the durability of a building. Apart from providing an opening for insects and pests, cracks also weaken the construction of a building. Therefore, it is imperative to fill all the joints and gaps using backer rods to ensure the long life of the building.


A backer rod enables enhanced adhesion. Due to their flexible nature, they can be easily used to fix cracks in the pavement, expansion joints, and wall joints. Foam rods are also used extensively to seal the area around windows and doors.


If there are any gaps around windows or doors, it could prove to be expensive in the long run. Cracks lead to poor insulation, leading to expensive heating and cooling bills. Foam rods are round, flexible and come in all sizes. 


The amount of sealant or caulking used can be largely controlled with the help of flexible foam rods. Following are the main types of backer rods.




Closed-cell foams do an excellent job of repelling water and moisture. The cells in this type of polyethylene foam are not interconnected. The enclosed nature of the cells ensures that the foam does not absorb water, making closed-cell foams better for outdoor use.




The significant difference between open-cell foam and closed-cell foam is that the former can be easily compressed. In addition, the ability of this type of foam to retain its original shape is astounding. Open-cell foam rods are mainly used to fill cracks and gaps indoor. 




Bi-cellular foams are best suitable for irregular joint applications. Bi-cellular backer rods are also referred to as hybrid rods. The outer layer of this foam resists water and moisture like closed-cell foams. The compression ability of bi-cellular foams is just like open-cell foams providing you with the best of both worlds.

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