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Factors to Consider When Using a Foam Screening Spline

June 26, 2017

It is widely and generally agreed amongst building contractors that foam screening spline is easier to use than other screening splines. It can even be used by inexperienced users and still provide a high quality finish. It is used for holding window and door screens in place. Therefore, this tool is a necessity for constructing buildings.

Foam screening spline is made of numerous enclosed cells. This makes the product multi-purposeful, which means that it can fit into small spaces, hold fast screens, and frames. It can also be stretched over lengthy strips or curved around frames.

When using a foam screening spline, it is important to consider several factors.

Always ensure that you are using the correct type of screens. Screens can be made using fiberglass, aluminum, and other materials. It is recommended that you purchase the foam and the frames simultaneously. This way, you (or your contractor) are able to choose the right diameter for said frames.

Splines are available in different sizes. Ensure that you have the correct measurements for your frames if you are making replacements or if you’re buying the spline separately from the frames. Experts recommend that you buy a larger sized foam screening spline as opposed to the exact size. Larger sizes offer more support and a firmer grip.

Foam screening splines should be purchased from manufacturers that are reputable. These manufacturers should be known for their quality splines and legitimate accreditations.

Screening tools are used while installing splines. These tools are used because they ensure uniform installation. While attaching the screens, it is important to make sure that they aren’t folded or wrinkled. This is because folding and wrinkling may affect the bonding process between the frame and the screen.

Since buildings expand and compress during the seasons, an accurate application of the spline is required. This ensures that the screens are tightly fastened and possess longevity. As a result, the foam screening spline becomes a durable and reliable product.