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July 22, 2014

Backer rods are a very essential tool when it comes to construction projects. They are used to form a good foundation in gaps between building materials before a sealant is applied to form an airtight seal. The rods will not only form a good foundation but also fill a large part of the joint hence reduce on the amount of sealant used. There are two major types of rods used in construction projects. These are the open cell rods and closed cell rods. The choice of backer rod to use depends on a number of factors as discussed below.

During construction projects, the builder or contractor has to make a number of considerations before ordering for backer rods from a trusted supplier. The first consideration to make is usually the environment. This may be either indoor or outdoor depending on the type of construction. Outdoor projects require the use of closed cell rods that are resistant to moisture and air. The closed cell structure in this type of backer rod enables one to form an airtight seal that is resistant to virtually all types of fluids. Internal environments are generally dry hence do not require one to form an airtight or water resistant seal. For this reason, one can comfortably use open cell rods to fill such joints.

There are numerous types of joints that occur between building materials. Some of them are regular while others are irregular. Some are fixed while others are expandable. This means that one has to use different types of backer rods in each of these applications. Open cell rods are versatile and can be used in any of the mentioned types of joints. This is because they are flexible, bendable and pliable hence can be compressed easily into any type of joint. Closed cell versions are rigid and can only be used to fill uniform joints that have a narrow cross section.