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Features, Benefits, And Applications Of Soft Rod

May 17, 2022

Out of all the products made of extruded polyethylene, backer rods are among the top. Among the different backer rods available in the market, soft backer rods, also referred to as soft rods, are immensely popular owing to their features. Backer rods, as the name suggests, are perfect for creating backing cracks on joints on walls and parking lots.

It is often used behind caulking to improve the efficiency of caulking materials. Backer rods made of high-quality foams are flexible and cylindrical in shape. Apart from increasing the efficiency of the caulking material, soft backer rods also help in minimizing its usage.


Important Things You Should Know About Soft Rods

 Soft backer rods are perfect for applications where you have to deal with irregular joint widths. While closed-cell backer rods are popular among engineers and contractors, using soft backer rods has become increasingly popular. Soft foam rods are a natural replacement for closed-cell backer rods. 
When you source soft rods from a dependable and experienced manufacturer like Alcot Plastics Ltd., you can be guaranteed its durability and quality. Following are the benefits of sourcing foam rods manufactured by us.
  • Help sealants assume the hour-glass shape 
  • Performs as a depth control for cold-applied sealants 
  • Do not require a bond breaker as the sealant will not adhere it
  • No bubbling concerns 
  • Perfect for window glazing as well as contraction and expansion joints
Depending on the requirement, you can choose the diameter and the length of the back rod you want to procure. This ensures that our backer rods are ideal for your application and that there is no wastage, helping you save money.
As a business in the polyethylene foam industry for more than three decades, we have mastered the process of manufacturing top-quality industrial-grade backer rods. Contact us today to learn about our wide range of products.