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Foam screening spline from Alcot Plastics

June 11, 2014

Screen spline comes in all sizes and materials nowadays. Regardless of whichever you purchase, the goal is usually one, to enable the window screen to sit comfortably within the frame. However, as aforementioned, there are all sorts of spline and while they may be able to achieve the task at hand, not all of them are the right ones for all screens. This is unless you employ the increasingly popular foam screening spline.

When it comes to holding screening securely on the windows or doors, then you can trust the foam screening spline. It is impossibly thin but do not let the unassuming shape deceive you. It works quite perfectly delivering nothing short of the finest of service in securing the screening and also support for the screen. Usually, changes in temperature can affect the screen due to expansion and contraction effects. There are many companies that manufacture the foam screening spline but if you want to get the finest you should contact Alcot Plastics Ltd. Alcot does not compromise on the quality of the products that they deliver. They will always ensure that you get top quality products. With their screening spline, screen frame manufactures have permission to experiment with different tolerance levels of the frames making it easier for installation.

One thing people look for when they go buying the screening spline is durability. This is one of those products that you do not have to purchase after every short while. The durability of the products from Alcot is just impressive. On top of that, you do not have to worry about the product losing color after short while or worse yet losing grip over the screen. At its price, you can rest assured that you will be served very well by the foam screening spline you will get from Alcot.