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Foam Screening Spline: Securing Door and Window Screens

July 13, 2020

Given the various types of splines, many builders prefer to use foam screening spline to hold window and door screens in their frames. This is because there are many advantages that this particular spline provides for construction projects.


Its foam material consists of numerous enclosed cells, which makes it extremely pliable and flexible, allowing it to fit into tight spaces.


Even larger diameter splines can be forced into small channels, giving the screens more stable support. This type of spline can also be stretched to cover longer expanses of screens and give them a firmer grip. 

In addition, foam screening splines are widely used in new construction projects as well as replacement work. In the case of a new construction project, it is recommended that you purchase the spline along with the door frame parts to make sure that you get the correct diameter. It also helps to buy a larger size rather than the exact size for the material as it is guaranteed to fill up the channel and provide a better grip. Rollers are used for installation as they can provide a more efficient and proper installation of the spline inside the groove without damaging the screen fabric. 

When installing the foam screening spline, apply uniform strokes in a single direction only and make sure that the screen does not fold or wrinkle. You can avoid this by carefully driving the spline into the channel with the right amount of tension. This can also help prevent the warping of the window frame you are splining.   

Since windows and doors come in various sizes, so do screening splines. They are available at different lengths and rolls up to more than 1000 feet long, allowing them to suit any sized window and door frames. The spare roll of screening spline also gives you a readily available resource in case of replacement. Since the screening spline is an important component in the renovation and construction industry, manufacturers often offer a variety of options to meet your needs. Just ask your provider for more details. 

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