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Foam Screening Splines and Difficult Jobs

April 19, 2018

As construction solutions continue to evolve and household designs constantly vary in trends, the one thing we can expect is that a solution will always be found to persistent challenges. With the development and advancements of modern materials from different plastics to different material bases and synthetic designs, finding a clever way to solve existing issues is an easy task. The perfect example is the foam screening spline.


The effective foam screening spline solves a myriad of problems that may develop with time, weather and wear.


Many different design and solutions are created with the beneficial use of Polyethylene based plastics. Backer rods and soft backer rods also provide an excellent shape conforming seal for different panels and surface textures. This is among the many benefits of Polyethylene based plastic foams and other synthetic materials.

Foam Screen Spline

A thin foam tube or rod that is soft and malleable, this is the ideal tool in sealing more sensitive structures and frames. Where a good tolerance in temperature changes and weather erosion is critical, the foam screening spline can retain its shape and position for a long time. There are multiple practical uses for this type of spline:

·         Securing Frames- Effective in securing windows and door frames that need a weather resistant seal that is not too visually intrusive that can affect the overall aesthetics.

·         Different shapes- With its smaller size in nature, the shape or curve it can follow or bend to is almost endless, making this ideal on many modern or intricate design frames.

·         Unconventional use- Clever use of this spline can be made for many home projects or as a frame for cloth and other materials.

With the development of such products, window finishing and home renovations are easier, allowing construction crews an easier time completing the job accurately even when the design tolerances between window hole and frame have a slight variation or un-even surface.

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