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Four Great Uses of the Pool Noodle at Home

May 26, 2017

 Traditionally used in swimming pool sporting, pool noodles have thousands of new uses at home. Although the new uses in this article are primarily for children, they may also be used with adults.


Target station assembly

Children and adults alike may need to perfect their sporting ability through aiming on targets. Pool noodle based targets offer a conventional target that your kids can try out. For a great experience, a common family target station can be a transformative experience.

Ring toss game

Well crafted pool noodle rings matched with stands can offer an excellent gaming facility on your lawns or backyard.

Croquet games

Croquet games have been traditionally reserved for the wealthy with adequate space in their backyards. With the advent of noodles, these games can now be affordably played by almost everyone. By setting up a croquet game for your kids on your lawn, you encourage more physical activity!


Pool noodles can be cut in half to create an excellent racing track for your kids. The halved noodle can be used as a racing track for light toys.


To allow for effective use of the noodles, train your kids to use them from early ages and their love for the noodle gaming will never disappoint. Ensure you select the most appropriate type for noodle for your activity to optimize the fun! For more information on this and other uses of the pool noodle, call us today at 519-767-2899!