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Having Fun with Pool Noodles

March 20, 2018

With the advent of modern plastics and synthetics, the construction industry and design solutions have constantly enjoyed the full benefit of cheaper, flexible materials with a wide array of properties. The ability to merge modern design and innovative construction is made easy with different complimentary materials from backer rods to window spline foams.

This does not mean the recreational side of things cannot enjoy the same benefits. At Alcot, we offer a range of pool noodles and pool-side accessories perfect for recreational stores and residential use.


Pool noodles are made out of soft polyethylene foam, which offers a creative option for kids and parents, near endless fun for the summer out-doors or year-round in indoor pools.


They come in many different colors and can be cut to different lengths for a fun filled day in and outside the swimming pool. Their soft and colorful nature helps a fun occasion become even brighter while giving kids a fun floatation device.

Creativity with Pool Noodles

With its user-friendly nature, a pool noodle can be crafted into lots of different things at home. Some offer smart solutions while others are quite unconventional yet practical. School activities are also more fun with clever use of pool noodles, like costume making or arts and crafts. Here’s a couple of unconventional yet smart applications for pool noodles:

·         Pool noodle beverage Barges- This is a clever way of making use of pool noodles. They can be cut into different lengths. Using the pieces to create a floating barge to secure a tray of drinks and food can mean less time needed to jump out of the pool to get your drinks: Enjoy the sun soaked afternoon in the pool with your favorite margarita!

·         Toy Swords and Light sabers- Being a soft material, it poses no harm to kids even with ample force applied to it. This makes for an excellent toy sword to be used in the garden. You can even decorate a length of pool noodle as a science-fiction space-sword and battle it out with the kids!

Have any fun ways to craft something out of your pool noodles? Let us know!

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