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January 07, 2015

Backer rods are so important in the construction industry. They are used to strengthen the building, among other reasons. They are normally positioned at various points in the building and at a certain stage during the construction.  They are mostly put around  doors, windows, wall fillings, and even at the building foundation. Backer rods fill most of the spaces in the particular places they are used. Therefore, they reduce the amount of caulking materials used in the construction of a particular building.

Backer rods increase the energy efficiency of a building in addition to insulating it. These various reasons have made the backer rods  widely used in construction. For many years, Alcot Plastics Ltd has been on the front line in supplying high quality backer rods. The company manufactures backer rods of different diameters, and then packs them in a way that makes them easy to transport. Due to ease of transportation, clients get their ordered backer rods on time, hence making Alcot Plastics Ltd the most reliable supplier in Ontario.

The increase in demand for Alcot Plastics Ltd backer rods, the business has been expanding on daily basis. It has even spread to the Far East, and soon it could be known to the whole world.

Our company houses a team of experts who allow clients to decide on the size, colour, and specifications of the rods they need. Then they manufacture the backer rods to suit the purpose the clients want.  Alcot Plastics Ltd is also an ISO certified company in Ontario for the manufacture of backer rods, and therefore, it has been the best backer rods industry for many years.

Order backer rods from Alcot Plastics today, and enhance your construction projects!