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How Backer Rod Improves the Durability of Concrete Structures

December 07, 2023
The best backer rod from Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph Ontario

Cracked concrete poses a significant risk to residents of the building as well as those around them. If not addressed in time, even the tiniest crack can deteriorate and lead to untoward incidents. There are many ways to deal with cracks after they appear. However, preventing them in the first place is a smart strategy to follow. Contractors and engineers rely on backer rods to improve the durability of concrete structures. These cylindrical, flexible rods are made of industrial-grade polyethylene foam. Read this blog until the end to learn how exactly backer rods improve the durability of concrete structures.


The Role of Backer Rod in Making Concrete Structures Durable

Backer rods are very flexible, making it possible for them to fit in even small gaps. These foam rods are often inserted into joints and gaps even before a sealant is applied. What the foam rod does is provide support and prevent three-sided adhesion when sealants are applied. 
The backer rod makes the bond increasingly strong by effectively filling the gap. One of the most significant applications of these flexible foam rods is that they allow for movement that can happen due to varying temperatures. 
If it isn't for these flexible rods, extremely varying weather conditions can lead to cracks in concrete structures. By absorbing the movement caused due to temperature changes, backer rods guarantee the long life of concrete structures. 
Did you know? The flexible backer rods also act as an insulation barrier within joints. The closed-cell structure of these rods successfully keeps moisture and water at bay, thus extending the lifespan of concrete. Water and moisture seeping inside concrete structures can be disastrous as the freeze-thaw cycle can weaken the structure from within.
Backer rods help save caulking material, prevent moisture and water infiltration, keep the concrete from cracking and overall extend the lifespan of concrete structures. Alcot Plastics Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene foam products including backer rods, pool noodles, pipe insulation, and screening splines. Call us today to place an order.