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How Effective is a Backer Rod?

April 24, 2023

A Backer rod is a structural foam used as a joint filler that assists in providing an optimized sealant joint. These rods come in various shapes and sizes and are made using different materials like polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and cork. The effectiveness of a foam rod is an important topic for industry experts. It is increasingly difficult to find dependant and relevant information on backer rods online. In this blog, we aim to solve that issue and write in detail about the effectiveness of foam rods.

How Effective are Backer Rods?  

  • Understanding the benefits of foam rods is crucial to understand their effectiveness. One of the key benefits of using a backer rod is its ability to reduce the amount of sealant required in a joint, thereby saving costs, and time and increasing efficiency. 

  • By filling the joint with a foam rod slightly larger than the gap, the sealant can be applied on top of the foam rod, creating a smooth and uniform surface. Apart from reducing the amount of sealant required, this also guarantees a more durable seal.

  • Insulation is another excellent quality of foam rods, making them effective. Polyethylene foam, used for manufacturing soft rods, is known for its insulation capability. This helps in heat/cold retention, thus making the building much more energy efficient.

  • The sound-dampening capability of polyethylene foam rods helps make the building soundproof, thus offering better acoustics. 


Backer rods are widely used by contractors to fill gaps between concrete panels or around doors, windows, wall joints, and foundations. One of the most common applications of soft rods is around windows to prevent drafts, which can lead to higher energy bills. Choosing the right size and quality of backer is essential to reap its maximum benefits. You can rely on us at Alcot Plastics Ltd. for the best polyethylene foam rods. Our soft rods are among the best and made of nothing but the best PE foam. Contact us today to learn about the products we offer to our clients across Canada.