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How Pool Noodles Make Cable Runs Easier And More

June 27, 2018

Pool noodles have been used extremely creatively by people – in so many ways that do not even include the pool or even water. Pool noodles are truly one of those ultra-versatile materials that you can use to solve the little niggles around you. From makeshift rain gutters to soft-closing mechanisms for doors, the use of pool noodles is limited not by their adaptability but by whether you chosen to use them for an application.


One common application of pool noodles is their use around posts and poles.

Posts and poles are particularly amenable for pool noodles because they themselves are (usually) cylindrical. This means pool noodles can be simply slotted in without much effort. It also explains why so many pool noodles’ applications centre around the post. We look at some common uses of pool noodles around posts.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes hung along the side of a vertical post is a very pleasant way of creating an occasional pleasant sound. But it is one that gets very old very fast once the wind picks up. Which is why many homeowners choose to wrap the post in pool noodles. Not only does it alleviate the noisy clanging, it also protects the post from getting damaged.


Metal poles are a necessary evil in the construction of some homes; especially in basements, where they may be used to provide additional support to the structure above. Whereas adults can navigate around these obstacles (for the most part), children are far more prone to bumping into them. Parts make generous use of pool noodles around such posts to make sure the little one running can run into it without hurting him or herself.


Not so much in the water, rather around it, pool noodles are often used to provide structural support to pipes too, or at the very least offer some level of insulation. Temperature changes can cause havoc for exposed pipework. Using pool noodles means these are able to stay at the temperature of the liquid flowing within.


Pool noodles are often used as wire organizers. With varying lengths, cable runs can be made far neater over long or short distances. Pool noodles essentially turn you into a cable installation contractor, and consolidate your cables into a neat, tangle free bundle. What’s more, they provide protection too, from curios pets and snagging.

Remember, though, pool noodles are not all the same. Durability, structure and finish all vary between quality and poorly made pool noodles. Remember to buy pool noodles from a reputed source like Alcot Plastics to make sure it doesn’t become a ‘peeling noodle’ instead.