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August 29, 2014

Backer rods are very crucial in most of the construction projects. They are commonly used to provide a good foundation in the gaps before the application of a sealant. In addition to offering a good foundation, the rods will also occupy a large portion of the gap and save on the amount of sealant to be used. There are two main types of backer rods that are used in construction projects for various applications. These two types are the closed cell rods and the open cell rods. The choice that you make should be depend on some crucial factors. This way you will ensure you have the best rods to use. As a contractor, you will have to put several factors into consideration before purchasing any construction material. The same applies to buying backer rods. You have to consider the immediate environment of the building. This normally classified as either indoor or outdoor. In outdoor constrictions it is highly recommended that you use the closed cell rods because they are resistant to air and moisture. It will allow you to form an airtight seal that will resist any type of fluid. In indoor constructions, the environment is mostly dry and you do not require an airtight or waterproof seal. It is better to use the open cell rods to fill the gaps.

There are different types of joints that exist between building materials. There are some joints that are regular whereas others are irregular. There are also some that expand whereas others are fixed. This means that you need to find the best backer rods to use depending on the nature of gaps to be filled. The open cell rods are preferred because they are versatile and can be used in many types of joints. You can always go to the experts to get advice on the type of rods to use for your project.