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How to Install a New Screening Spline

June 19, 2019

You’ve got your new screening spline from Alcot Plastics and you’re ready to put it to good use. Fret not, we have all the tips and tricks here to help you go through with the installation process!

Some Reminders About Screening Splines

A screening spline is an absolutely essential component of any screen door or window. Alcot Plastics manufactures thin, foam screening splines that support any screen regardless of the expansion or shrinkage effects of weather conditions. Foam screening splines are unique because they offer more flexibility in terms of tolerance levels for easier installation.

Some tools you will need for the installation:

Spline roller, cleaning cloth, screening spline, knife/scissors, screwdriver.

Here Are The Steps on How to Install a Screening Spline:

1. Clean the Screening Spline and the Frame

Using a cloth, thoroughly wipe down the spline and the frame. If you are making an installation in an old frame, make sure you use a suitable object such as a putty knife to scrape any debris from the frame.

2. Install the New Screening Spline

You should lay the screen over the frame in such a way that the spline grooves are facing you. Using a spline roller, roll the screen into the groove using the rounded end of the roller. With a screwdriver, press the spline into the groove, on top of the screen. Carefully work your way around the frame, pressing as you go along. Doing this should help you fully insert the entire spline along the frame. When you have done this, cut off whatever loose ends remain.

3. Securing Newly-inserted Screen Spline

The spline tool has one convex end and one concave end. It is easy to identify which is which: the furrowed side is the convex end. Roll the spline tool along the entire length of the spline – this will help push the spline further into the groove.

Alcot Plastics’s foam screening spline can be made to suit any of your windows or doors no matter the specifications. On top of that, it is easy to install and maintain! Contact us today to find out more about our products.