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July 22, 2014

If you always have a hard time dealing with professionals to replace your door screens and old screening spline, then its high time you considered doing the job all by yourself. You only need to have a few tricks so as to come up with very accurate results. The first step that involves removal of the old screen is quite easy since you only need to pull off the old spline from its channel. The screen loosens up automatically once the spline material is removed from its groove. The trick part only comes during the installation of new screens and a new screening spline. In order to avoid making any mistakes, you should visit your trusted supplier with a piece of the old screen and a sample of the spline used in the previous doorframe. The supplier will then give you an exact replacement or a better version depending on the available stock.

In most cases, the supplier normally supplies you with the recommended size of screening spline as required by the manufacturer. The recommended size is usually slightly larger than the size of the channel onto which it is fixed. This variation is only a matter of millimeters hence you should be very careful not to make a mistake by buying a larger or smaller size. You may alternatively choose to take measurements of your door frame and the thickness of the channel instead of using samples to make replacements.  Once you have all the required materials, you can go ahead and carry out the installation process. The supplier normally provides you with a larger size of screen so as to make it easier to install the spline without leaving some parts out. Ensure that the screen covers every part of the frame before commencing the spline installation process. You should use a screening tool to enforce the spline material on its groove. This will ensure that you get the desired results. Excess screening material is chopped off using a pair of scissors