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How to Properly Install Screening Spline

April 09, 2021

If you find yourself constantly removing debris from the inside your house, then it might be a sign to replace or install new window screens. This small but easy task can make a huge difference when it comes to the cleanliness and air quality of your home. 


Screening splines are an important component when it comes to installing your windows and panels.



They are a more convenient choice compared to metal and vinyl, as well as come in a variety of different sizes. Be sure to choose the right diameter to ensure efficient installation. 


The right way to install window screens


One very important tool you will need for this task is the screening spline. It is installed between the window screen fabric and the frames. Once properly installed, the spline forms a secure seal on the screen, holding it securely in place all throughout the changing seasons. This is regardless of whether the screen expands or contracts. Hence, the spline helps prolong the life of your window screens and thus, saves you time and money in the long run.  


The proper way to install the spline


Just like there is a right way to install the window screen, there is also the proper way to install a door and window screening spline in order for it to function well. There are some important steps on how to do it well. First, you need to take the correct measurements of the width and height of the new screen you plan on installing.


The next step is to determine which kind of screening spline material is the best one to use. If you prefer to conveniently compress the spline into the screen’s groove, a foam screen spline is the perfect option. The third step is to remove the damaged screen by just locating the outer edges and pulling it out from its frame. Once you have followed all those steps properly, you can now fit the new spline into its place and enjoy your window screen.


Screening splines are soft and durable materials that are suitable for various screen channels making them very convenient to use. For quality materials and screening splines you can count on, contact Alcot Plastics today.