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How To Use Foam Screening Splines

January 19, 2022

Polyethylene foam is one of the most preferred materials by manufacturers of screening splines. The many advantages like flexibility and durability of foam make it an ideal material for making screening splines. Foam screening splines do an excellent job of keeping the frame and window screen together without leaving any gaps. They are inexpensive and versatile. The capability of these screening splines to be used with any channel and corridor is impressive.


It is recommended to avail services of professionals for installing foam screening splines the right way.


It isn't easy to install screening splines without the right tools and expertise. This blog discusses how to install windows using foam screening splines.

  • Clean the spline and the frame: A clean screening spline and a clean frame are essential for installing windows. If there is any debris in the corridor or the window frame, the window screen won't fit properly or without leaving any gaps. If you leave any gaps, it can provide access to bugs and insects and increase your heating and cooling bill due to poor installation.
  • Cut the spline according to the measurement of the window frame. Pay special attention to ensure that the screening spline is not cut less than the size of the frame.
  • Use a spline roller: A spline roller is a tool used to push screening splines into the groove perfectly. The use of this tool ensures that the spline is tightly fixed.
  • Once the spline is tightly pushed into the groove, you can go ahead and fix the window screen tightly without leaving any gaps.

Flexibility, durability, and resistance to expansion and shrinkage are significant benefits of using foam screening splines. For the best quality screening splines, you can count on Alcot Plastics. We are premium manufacturers of backer rods and polyethylene foam. Contact us today to learn about our products.