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How to Use Pool Noodles to Teach Kids to Swim?

June 20, 2023

Swimming is an important life skill that everyone must possess. However, it is also a fact that teaching kids how to swim is much easier than teaching them as an adult. If you are a parent wondering what's the best way to teach your kid how to swim, look no further than this blog. We discuss in this blog various tips on how to use pool noodles to teach your kids to swim.  Pool or foam noodles, also known as water woggles, is a popular pool toy used worldwide. This floatation device is easy to handle and an effective tool in teaching kids to swim. 

Tips For Using Pool Noodles to Teach Kids to Swim

Using water woggles to teach kids to swim is a fun and effective way of introducing them to the water. Here are some tips for making the most out of this simple yet versatile swimming aid:
1. Get the basics right: Before moving on to more complex strokes need to learn how to float correctly using a pool noodle. This will help build their confidence in the water while also allowing them to get comfortable with the sensation of being suspended. Remember, you cannot build a tower without a strong foundation.
2. Take it slow: It is important to be patient with your kids in the pool. If you rush them or become impatient often, your kids will develop a general disinterest in swimming and might even come to hate the activity altogether. Remember that water woggle is not some magic tool that will teach your kid how to swim on day one. Rather, it should be used only as a tool to help drive the fear of drowning from your kid's mind.
3. Incorporate games: Kids love playing games, so why not incorporate some fun activities into your lessons? One idea is to ask your kid to go to the other side of the pool while holding the pool noodle and swimming forward using only their legs. It is crucial to be alert and present at all times while your kid is doing this.
4. Don't forget safety precautions: While foam noodles are generally safe swimming aids, parents and instructors must take necessary safety measures during lessons. Make sure there is always adult supervision when children are near water and never leave them unattended even if they're using flotation devices.


Teaching kids to swim can be challenging, but using foam noodles as a teaching tool makes the process more enjoyable and less stressful. Not only do they add an element of fun to learning how to swim, but they also promote safety in the water. Incorporating water wiggles into swim lessons is a simple yet effective way to teach children how to swim. It provides them with the necessary support while learning essential swimming skills such as floating, kicking and arm movements. Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene foam products, including pool noodles, screening spline, and soft rods among others. We have been supplying clients across Canada with top-quality foam noodles at the best rates for decades. Contact us today to learn about our products and to place an order.