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How Toronto Cyclists Are Using Pool Noodles

September 07, 2018

Pool noodles are known for their phenomenal usage in the pool in the summertime. They are great as toys, celebrated for improving swimming skills, and used as floatation devices. However, one of the lesser known uses for a pool noodle is surprisingly paired with bicycles. This past summer in Toronto there has been a hot debate between drivers and cyclists. Pool noodles are the protector Toronto cyclists need. Their soft but sturdy texture are keeping cyclists safe from dangerous drivers.

Here are the three ways pool noodles are keeping Toronto cyclists safe:

-          Warning: Sharing the road is difficult for some drivers, however it is important that they do. Attaching a 1-meter pool noodle to the back of a bicycle is a great way to remind drivers to keep the recommended distance from a cyclist. In fact, it also acts as a warning to cyclists, letting them know when they are riding too close to cars on the shared road. A pool noodle is a simple yet effective way to enforce the rules in the Highway Traffic Act.

-          Visibility: Pool noodles are unique and perfect for cyclists and the road because of their vibrant colours. The noodles are available in an array of colours and are perfect for capturing the attention of drivers on the road. This adds another layer of safety for cyclists who benefit from better visibility, especially when cycling at night or in the early morning before the sun is out.

-          Protection: One last advantage that a pool noodle offers to cyclists is protection. A pool noodle is lightweight and durable. It performs as a perfect barrier between a driver and cyclist because it does not damage any vehicles that it comes in contact with. A bump from a pool noodle is enough to let a cyclist know a car is driving too close and it does not leave the car damaged. Moreover, it leaves the driver aware that they are not keeping their distance when passing. Thankfully no scratches or bruises, but definitely a lesson learned.


While sharing the road can seem difficult for some, we at Alcot Plastics believe that safety should always be the number one priority. Our pool noodles are excellent in the water for teaching purposes, they are also amazing out of the water at keeping people safe on the roads. Not all noodles are made the same, our team of highly skilled professionals have manufactured the best quality pool noodles on the market. Call or email us today to learn more about our pool noodles and our other plastic products!