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September 05, 2014

Pool noodles are the cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam that are commonly used by kids in water games. They are available in two major versions. They can either be in the form of a block shape without any holes or have a hollow shape with a hole. The pool noodles that have holes inside them are usually connected to each other with the use of various connectors including ropes. The connectors are passed through the holes. The block types are normally connected with the use of special connectors that hold the pieces at their extreme ends. These two types are connected in various shapes that can be used by kids as they play in the pool.

The pool noodles are able to float when place in water. This is because they are light in nature and possess a polyethylene structure that ensures they are not damaged by water. There are some people who use them as swimming aides because they can float. You can use them between limbs or the same way that you use air floaters. There are numerous other applications for the pool noodles depending on your creativity. You can use them to hold your food and drinks in the pool. You can actually make a floating food container by connecting several of them together. Using a connector such as a wire will ensure that you have a rigid structure. You can then place foods and drinks inside the container and enjoy your time at the pool. They can also be used in other applications that are not necessarily limited to the pool area. A good example is using them to prevent the door from closing when monitoring your kids next door. The cushioning property that they have can be utilized in numerous applications both at home and in places of work.