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Importance Of Good Quality Foam Screening Splines

April 07, 2022

Screening splines are a simple yet effective way to fix the window screen to its frame. The many features like durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness make screening splines the go-to choice for contractors and engineers.

Foam screening spline gets its name because of the material, polyethylene foam, used for its manufacturing. This foam is grease, water, chemical, and heat resistant making it the perfect material for making screening splines.

Why invest in high-quality foam screening splines 
Easy installation

Easy installation is one of the significant reasons to source screening splines of the best quality. If a screening spline is made of top-grade polyethylene foam, it will have unmatched flexibility. The spline needs to be flexible for the proper installation of windows without leaving any gap between the screen and the frame. Without adequate flexibility, there is a chance of the spline breaking or getting damaged during the installation process.



As mentioned earlier in this blog, we know that screening splines are heat resistant. When sourced from dependable manufacturers, the foam splines even do a great job in low temperatures. Due to the changing temperatures, splines of inferior quality can expand or shrink, thus leaving gaps between the frame and the window screen. Such gaps can affect the insulation of the house, increase energy bills, and even give access to insects and bugs to enter.


Price-to-quality ratio

It doesn't make sense to invest a significant sum of money on something that does not offer the desired quality. To ensure this doesn't happen, it is important to source foam screening splines from Alcot Plastic Ltd, the industry leader in manufacturing polyethylene products. The price-to-quality ratio of screening splines by Alcot Plastic Ltd is one of the best in the industry.


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