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Industrial Uses of Pool Noodles

September 24, 2019


When we think of conventional uses of pool noodles, we immediately think of staying poolside at the helm of summer. We don’t tend to think of non-conventional foam noodle applications, but these kid-friendly water toys actually offer a myriad of utility in a few industrial settings.


Today we’ll discuss three common industrial applications of pool noodles and why they are useful as more than just swimming toys.

Foam Noodle Material Composition


Foam noodles are able to perform well in a myriad of industrial applications due to properties attributed to their material composition. Foam noodles are cylindrical shapes of polyethylene foam, with a hollowed out middle.

Polyethylene is a durable, light-weight, closed-cell material that is chosen for its enhanced vibration dampening, shock resistance, buoyancy, and resistance against chemicals and moisture. If you’re interested in learning about the total scope of benefits polyethylene foam offers, check out our previous blog, Industrial Benefits and Uses of Polyethylene Foam.


Industrial Uses of Foam Noodles


Pipe Insulation – foam noodles are nearly identical in composition and shape to industrial and residential foam piping insulation – the only difference being that the industrial foam noodles are denser and therefore offer enhanced structural reinforcement than your average pool noodle.

Bumper Applications - foam noodles are also chosen for their ability to absorb shock – making them suitable for bumper guard applications.

Packaging – it is for the same reasons that foam noodles are chosen for pipe insulation and bumper guard applications, that form noodles are also chosen for packaging applications. Foam noodles offer increased durability and enhanced shock absorption, making them suitable for packaging more delicate items that are more vulnerable to damage in transport.


Finding a Reputable Polyethylene Foam Manufacturer


Alcot Plastics is an experienced manufacturer of extruded polyethylene foam products. We offer a number of quality products including backer rods, soft backer rods, spline, pipe insulation, custom polyethylene foam solutions, and pool noodles. Call us today to learn more about our product lines and services!