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Insight on Polyethylene Foam Products

July 06, 2017

Polyethylene foam is a special chemical formulation that is used for crafting medium and high density cushioning for various products such as, mattress components, roll-bar padding for race cars and custom bottle stoppers. Polyethylene foam is also used for creating durable and resilient packaging for delicate, brittle and fragile objects. Polyethylene foam keeps fragile and damage prone products and items intact. Examples of items that are packaged using polyethylene foam include electronics, glass products and expensive toys.

Ways of Cutting Polyethylene Foam:

While most polyethylene foam products can be cut using universal techniques, some forms of polyethylene foam require a unique cutting method. Below are the cutting techniques used by our Alcot plastics experts for all other forms of polyethylene foam.

Using a pair of scissors: Most forms of polyethylene foam can be easily cut to a specific shape and size using a pair of scissors.  

Single-pass cutting technique: A sharp blade is another effective cutting method that can be effectively used with foam ranges from 1/8th inch thickness or more. Sharp knives can also be effectively used for making single-cut incisions on the foam with minimal effort.

Multi-pass cutting technique: Polyethylene foam materials that are thicker than half an inch are harder to trim using blades. Instead, multi-pass techniques can be effectively used with such thick materials, and do not result in uneven edges. This technique involves making two or more cuts on the ends of the foam.

The appropriate technique that needs to be used depends on the nature and thickness of the material being cut. Our experts are skilled and knowledgeable in the subject of polyethylene foam and are able to use a variety of methods to effectively cut different types of polyethylene foam.  Each type of polyethylene foam requires a different cutting method, and our experts are able to cut each foam product with precision and accuracy. Contact us at Alcot plastics today for more information about polyethylene foam and our other services.