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Installing Screening Spline in 5 Easy Steps

October 31, 2017

Window and door screens must be installed properly for efficient use. A screening spline is the best tool to provide strong hold and support to the screens against adverse effects of the weather. It also gives screen frames manufacturers the leeway for easier installation. A screening spline is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit each type of frame. It can also be made from different materials including:


  • Polyfoam
  • EPDM (a hard rubber)
  • Hollow or solid core vinyl
  • Aluminum or steel


During repair or replacement, you can sometimes reuse the old spline but more often than not you can’t, especially if it’s in bad shape. You may want to have an entirely new screen frame with new material. You may also encounter older flat style screening spline that needs to be replaced with a more easily available and faster to install material. Polyfoam is usually the best option for beginners since it can be compatible with a wider range of frame styles and is easy to roll in.


5 Easy Steps to Install Screening Spline

Once the screen with the frame is ready, here are simple steps to follow in installing the screening spline.


  1. Press the end of the spline into one corner of the screen frame using the grooved wheel of a spline roller.
  2. As you go, move the roller with short strokes and in one direction along the spline to force it and the screen into the channel of the frame. You can gently tug on the edge of loose screen to ensure it stays flat. 
  3. If needed, you can press the screening spline into corners using a small screwdriver but with extra care to avoid cutting through the screen.
  4. Always remember to work your way around in just one direction. Also, keep in mind that the spline tightens up the screen so take extra caution.
  5. Once you reach the corner where you started, cut the spline with either a utility knife or a scissor and press it into the channel. Finish the job by trimming the screen flush to the outside of the spline.


Screening spline comes in different diameters ranging from 0.14 to 0.21 inches. Choosing the right-sized spline for your frame is critical so as not to make it too tight or too loose in holding the screen in place. Our professionals here at Alcot Plastics are always ready to help you get the most appropriate spline regardless of type and size you require. At Alcot Plastics, we provide foam screening spline that is easy to install and secures your doors and windows for the long term. Learn more by calling us at 519-767-2899!