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August 22, 2014

You may be one of those who think that pool noodles are only used for water games and swimming activities. If you are in this category of people, then your thoughts are absolutely wrong. Water woggles have thousands of applications inside and outside the swimming pool. It all depends with your level of creativity and innovation. This article will help you learn some basic uses of the water woggles and creative applications inside and outside the pool.

Generally, there are two major types of pool noodles supplied in the leading outlets. These are the holed and hole-less noodles. Holed noodles have a hole through their center that is used to hold the connector. A series of this type of noodles can be connected to form interesting shapes for children games. Hole-less noodles on the other hand are cylindrical blocks that are connected by a special kind of connector. They lack a central hole. They can be used as floaters during swimming activities or as weapons for kids’ games.

Outside the swimming pool, you can use pool noodles for different interesting applications. If you wish to have the door to your kid’s room remaining open, then you may fix a pool noodle on its edge to prevent it from latching. This will also help prevent your door from banging and scratching. You can also use noodles to cover the sharp edges of the bed to prevent unnecessary injuries. If you always had a problem with the door to your car banging against the sides of your parking bay then you may use a pool noodle to make this a problem of the past. Simply slit the pool noodle into two halves and screw one-half on the sides of the wall of your packing bay. Next time you open on the door to your car, it will get proper cushioning from the fixed pool noodle. You may search for other creative used of water woggles on the internet and use them in your day-to-day activities.