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Learning to Swim with Pool Noodles

April 26, 2019

Pool noodles are one of the most useful tools for a novice swimmer. They are specially designed to be an excellent swimming aid, providing beginners a safe way to begin their lessons. Here’s an overview of how these noodles can take a novice and turn them into a master.


Safety First

Safety is the most important aspect of learning any new sport. Noodles are created from polyethylene foam which is both buoyant and very soft. Not only does it allow swimmers to safely float above water, but they can also be used as barriers on any hard or sharp edges in the pool. Furthermore, noodles are also designed to be lifesaving devices, allowing lifeguards to easily perform their duties in the event of an emergency.


One Size Fits All

One of the coolest things about pool noodles is their adaptability and flexible nature. Noodles aren’t limited to specific body types, meaning that anyone of any size can use them. This makes it a more versatile option than lifejackets since noodles are cheaper and can be used by anyone regardless of their size, including adults.


A Sense of Independence

Unlike other floatation aids like lifejackets and flutter boards, noodles provide a greater sense of independence. Swimmers are free to use both their arms and legs, allowing them to learn techniques at a much faster rate. Other flotation devices such as flutter boards restrict the arms of the swimmer, allowing them to only rely on kicking techniques. By allowing the swimmer to move their arms and legs freely, it allows for a more realistic approach to learning techniques.


Creativity and Fun

Pool noodles can be used to create many interesting activities, limited only by imagination. For example, noodles can be joined together to create a raft, or they can be used to create a unique obstacle course. Although these activities won’t teach traditional swim techniques, they allow swimmers to truly enjoy being in the water, further boosting their confidence.


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