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July 22, 2014

You may actually think that installation of a soft backer rod is an easy task that only requires the use of common sense and some knowledge on construction. However, after reading this article you may find out that installation of soft rods is not as easy as you thought. It actually requires you to have a couple of tips so as to get the desired results. Some of the tips discussed in this article will greatly help you to come up with a perfect solution to all your construction projects. The first thing you should consider before purchasing a backer rod is the size of crack or joint that you need to fill. Measurement can be done using a pair of Vanier calipers or other sophisticated tools such as the travelling microscope for better accuracy. Once the measurements are done, you can forward them to your trusted supplier so that they can advise you on the most appropriate size of soft backer rod to use. In most cases, the recommended size is 25% larger than the size of the joint to be filled.

Once all the required materials are purchased, you will require following various steps during the installation process. First of all, you need to ensure that the joint is clean and free of particles that may contaminate the sealant. In cases where water is used for cleaning, you should ensure that the gap is dry before installing the soft backer rod. Installation of the backer rod should be done by hand or using sophisticated tools that will ensure puncturing does not occur. The backer rod should leave a depth that is half the width of the joint. This is the recommended depth that is used to hold the sealant in place. Application of the sealant is the final step in filling of construction joints. Most backer rods require you to use cold sealants so as to avoid damaging them.