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Nothing Like Pool Noodles To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

June 08, 2018

Who knew polyethylene foam could be so much fun! But pool noodles certainly have proven an absolute hit with children and adults alike. Pool noodles have incited a real community interest in them and people have shared a number of great ways to use pool noodles outside of the pool. Testament to how versatile pool noodles have proven to be, and how creative people have been with them.

Certainly, trying to encapsulate all the ways in which pool noodles have been purposed outside of their ‘pool’ role would take a very long time.

We outline some more general uses of pool noodles which will incite your own creativity and enourage you to express yourself with ingeniously tailored pool noodles.

Bump stops – Doors and shutters have a habit of banging into edges and walls, causing the kind of damage that rankles the mind. Pool noodles are great at protecting against such contact. Mounted on the surface or on the door itself, pool noodles are light and easy to adhere into place. Particularly in garages, they are an extremely simple and inexpensive way of protecting your car’s doors.

Edges – Pool noodles are used extensively to cover up edges, sharp corners and even ledges. Anyone who has knocked their shin against the bed, stubbed a toe or caught clothing in a sharp edge will appreciate how easily with pool noodles you can wave goodbye to all of those pains.

Flotation – Returning to the place which gave pool noodles their name, the pool is a great place to innovate. From floating barges for toys, floating trays and more, pool noodles are ‘instant flotation in a box’.

Architecture – Just because they are called noodles doesn’t mean pool noodles have the same structural rigidity as one. Lash pool noodles together and you have structure stable and sturdy enough to withstand at least a few kilograms. From castles to haunted house, let your (or your children’s) imagination run wild.

Above we have some common approaches for putting pool noodles to use outside of the pool; and they should inspire you to try your own. But there are radical uses aplenty, including: as directed sprinklers, shoe stands, water hoses, makeshift toilets and lightsabers.

Remember, though, pool noodles are not all the same. Durability, structure and finish all vary between quality and poorly made pool noodles. Remember to buy pool noodles from a reputed source like Alcot Plastics to make sure it doesn’t become a ‘peeling noodle’ instead.