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Pick the Right Backer Rods for Your Home and Building Repair

February 09, 2018

 Every structure will suffer from wear and tear as time passes. These damages will be things like cracks and deformations on walls. Backer rods are designed to fix these cracks, and they are the best suitable material to get the job done. Technically, other construction materials can be used to seal these cracks. However, only a soft backer rod has the ability to effectively penetrate cracks to seal them effectively.


Backer rods come various sizes and types. Selecting the best suitable rod is crucial to filling the entire crack.


Completely fixing the crack and perfectly sealing it to prevent further damages will save you further expenses and maintenance.


Here are some important aspects you have to consider in picking the right backer rods. If you have any questions or need help, you can always turn to the experts at Alcott Plastics.


??     Right Diameter - Backer rods come in different diameters, but all of them are designed to perfectly seal any crack. However, selecting the right diameter of the rod should be based on how big is the crack you have to seal. So to allow you to have an optimal fitting, picking the right diameter based on as accurate a measurement as possible.

??     Size of the Crack - To pick the right diameter of the rod to be used, you have to consider the size of the crack that you will have to fix. It is very important to measure carefully. If needed, consult a professional.

??     Right Type of Sealant - Backer rods are used with the company of a sealant. So choosing the right type of sealant and considering what is the best available one is very important to get the crack perfectly and effectively sealed. More viscous and high skid sealants are commonly recommended if you are going to deal with larger rods in sealing small cracks.



Alcot Plastics uses a range of modern materials to produce every diameter rod usually needed in construction and repair. Give us a call today for more information!