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Polyethylene Foam for Convenient Packaging

March 08, 2016

Did you know sixty million tons of polyethylene foam is produced worldwide every year? It is a very common material often used for packaging, among many other things. You find this type of foam wrapping computers, electronics, metal products, sports equipment, or anything that needs to be safely transported from one place to another. The main reason it is used for this purpose is the fact that it is spongy and acts as a shock absorber. Polyethylene foam encases a fragile object and protects it from bumps, shaking and scratches. Because the foam is resistant to bacteria and mold, it is the material of choice for long term storage.

Polyethylene consists of high molecular weight hydrocarbons. This means they do not absorb any moisture, dust or even grease. In addition to that, the foam is odorless and is resistant to a large number of chemicals, solvents and bacteria. On top of all that, the material is lightweight. This means you get protection for your packaged material without a significant change in weight of the packed item. This type of foam is also very flexible. It can be molded to fit virtually any shape. Although it is flexible, it has high impact strength and low friction. It is closed cell foam, meaning that the structure makes it a good shock absorber, a feature very vital in packaging. All these characteristics combined make polyethylene foam a most useful material for packing.

Alcot Plastics LTD. is a leader in the polyethylene foam industry. Their products are highly reputable for superior quality and excellent performance. They use cutting edge technology to manufacture polyethylene in their state of the art facility. The company has made many contributions to innovating the polyethylene fabrication process, which has garnered them a glowing reputation. Alcot Plastics LTD. are proud to present the finest polyethylene foam to their discerning clientele.