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July 17, 2014

 Pool noodles are known for their wide variety of applications and uses. They come in different shapes, styles and sizes meant to suit different needs. Most people use them in their swimming pools to demarcate swimming paths while others use them as water toys for water games. Some have a hole drilled through their center where connectors are fitted while others have no through hole at all. All these designs are meant for different purposes and different users. However, the basic shape of a pool noodle is usually an elongated cylinder made of polyethylene foam. The material used to make them is quite flexible and malleable hence the tools can be modified into interesting designs.

Pool noodles come in a wide variety of colors and this makes the suitable for water games and other children games. Because they can float on water, they can be used by children as floaters in swimming pools. They can also be used to make various accessories such as food containers and pool chairs that are able to float on water. They are supplied in numerous lengths and diameters hence the buyer is able to choose the most appropriate size for specific uses.

Industries dealing with the manufacture of pool noodles have also come up with other interesting noodle designs that can be used in other swimming applications. Some of the common customized designs so far include swim therapy noodles, water fitness weights that resemble dumbbells, swimming aid noodles without a center hole, and noodle chairs among others. Most of these accessories can be shopped online through various sites such as Amazon and eBay. One can also come up with their own homemade designs by using some of the DIY tips posted on the internet by various bloggers. Water logs are a wonderful tool that both adults and kids enjoy using during their leisure activities.