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Pool Noodles From Alcot Plastics Used In Toronto Art Installation!

May 30, 2022

 Toronto in summer is home to outdoor art installations, permanent and pop-ups, reflecting the city's charm and vibe. Local artists are always on the lookout for the perfect place to exhibit their creativity and offer the residents as well as the tourists something quirky and unique.

Now, you can experience something similar at 1479 Yonge Street in Toronto. And our noodles are a part of it! 
A temporary art installation named The Colourway has taken the Yonge and St. Clair neighbourhood by storm. Art lovers from across the city are stopping by to take photos of this Instagram-worthy rainbow made using over 5000 of our pool noodles.

Alcot Plastics LTD Is Proud To Be Associated With The Colourway

Alcot Plastics LTD, one of the leading names in the polyethylene foam industry, has contributed to The Colourway with the pool noodles required to make this pop-up art installation a reality. Through The Colourway, the artists intend to welcome the summer in a fun way. 
You can visit and explore the colourful rainbows yourself at 1479 Yonge Street, Toronto. Launched on May 23rd, 2022, at 05:00 PM, the rainbow made of colourful water woggles will adorn the walkways until June 24th, 2022.

The rainbow arches comprising our noodles open up a whole new avenue of decorative art that can be made through pool noodles. This beautiful pop-up art installation is a testimony to the fact that foam noodles can be used in creative ways outside the swimming pool. Here are a few examples.
Foam door stoppers Vertically slice the noodle in half using a saw. Slide it to the edge of your door to stop them from slamming loudly. Making your own colourful foam door stoppers is as easy as that.

Trampoline spring covers: We all know that landing on trampoline springs is painful. You can cover the metal springs easily using pool noodles to make the trampoline safer for kids.

Indoor tent poles: Make indoor playtime fun and safe for kids. Instead of wood or metal tent poles, create the framework of your indoor tent through foam noodles.    
Alcot Plastics LTD is proud and happy to be associated with The Colourway. Apart from offering top-notch polyethylene foam products, we are also always looking for ways to collaborate with local artists and administrations for projects like The Colourway.