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Pool Noodles - More Than Just a Spongy Toy!

January 02, 2018

For a great many people, pool noodles are a simple and very fun way to enhance swimming with others in a pool. After all, they make phenomenal “weapons” (impromptu water guns and bludgeons both) and there’s something strangely endearing about forcing water through the gap in the centre to create bubbles in the water. However, a significant part of the reason these devices are so popular is that they offer substantial use beyond recreation; often, these products are used in more serious and important tasks that their light and buoyant qualities enable them to excel at.

Pool Noodles Are Often Used For:

  • Aquatic Exercise - A reliable station of buoyancy opens the door for several aquatic exercises that are much more difficult to do without a polyethylene foam noodle. For the most part, this category includes stretching and balancing exercises that are made uniquely challenging by the addition of water.
  • Teaching Swimming - These devices also see a great deal of use as a sort of learning crutch for people who are just learning how to swim. Getting used to the motions of kicking or treading are much easier when it is no longer necessary to use the arms to keep afloat – you could just float off of the noodle instead.
  • Pool Rescue - Because these products are light and flexible, they see use as aids in dangerous situations. Pool noodles can be easily transported to a person who is struggling to remain above water, and acts as a simple, albeit highly effective, aid in the endeavour.

Pool noodles are so often used for casual poolside fun, or for creative construction projects, that it is easy to forget their importance and high use in a swimming pool or aquatic facility. At Alcot Plastics, we have been working with polyethylene foam products such as these noodles for nearly thirty-five years, and understand the importance of manufacturing them to the highest possible standards.