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Pool Noodles: Upping the Fun Factor in Swimming Pools

August 03, 2017

A pool noodle is a highly flexible foam product used extensively in swimming pools, both for fun and for learning to swim. Pool noodles are highly suitable for use by children stepping into the water for the first time. The noodles are conventionally cylindrical in shape and are designed to offer effective floatation. Additional uses of these noodles include the following:

  • Facilitating floatation for less experienced swimmers
  • Aiding rescue operations in case of emergency
  • Aiding water sports and other swimming pool games
  • Aiding aqua exercises and amateur snorkeling

While there are multiple uses of pool noodles, water sports are the most common. The range of water sports and aqua exercises that can be supplemented by these quirky foam noodles are immense, and here’s a list of a few you might need to try.

Fun Water-based Activities to Use Pool Noodles In

The Noodle Duel

In the noodle duel, you need to have two to three partners with whom you can play the game. When the game begins, you count up to 3, and all participants shout, “go!” The catch in the game is that you must touch your opponent’s body with the noodle. If there are three partners, you must touch all of them to win the game. It’s like fencing, except much wetter!

The Hornet Tag

Hornet tag is a game in which a player selects several hornets, with each noodle serving as a hornet stinger. When a hornet stings, their stinger is lost just as in an actual hornet. As the stinger is dropped, the player who has been stung picks up the hornet and becomes the new hornet, and the circle continues until all the players have been stung.

Although pool noodles are best suited for use by children, they can be used by adults too. They not only improve swimming experiences, but can also transport kids from the ages of 8 – 99 to a world of fun.