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Pool Noodles Were Invented by An Ontarian - and Other Fun Facts!

August 27, 2021

Canadians are one of the most enterprising people on the planet. It is not often talked about that many inventions, household products, and staple items are Canadian-made, but the fact is that a diverse array of things from Sonar to pool noodles have their origins in Canada. Yes, you read that right—pool noodles, now used all over the world and found in virtually every family backyard swimming pool, was invented by a Canadian from Ontario.


The origins of pool noodles may not be glamorous, but they are significant. They are used primarily by children to learn how to swim and are great fun for the whole family. However, resourceful DIY and arts and crafts enthusiasts have taken their applications to the next level, and it is not uncommon nowadays to see pool noodles cited as a crucial material in craft projects, DIY home improvement projects, and more.


In today’s blog, let’s delve into fun facts about pool noodles!

  1. Pool noodles can also be known by a number of different names, depending on geography. These include: water logs, woggles, and water woggles.
  2. The best quality pool noodles are made from polyethylene foam, a dense foam product that boasts incredible buoyancy, flexibility, and insulation properties. Furthermore, it is incredibly long lasting and will not break down over a long period of time despite repeated exposure to various elements.
  3. While the exact inventor of pool noodles is disputed, the product is generally considered to have originated from Ontario, Canada, long considered a hub for polymer and other plastic product manufacturing.
  4. Despite being primarily marketed as a water toy or tool for physical education and exercise, the market for pool noodles stretches far and wide. Here are some common uses of pool noodles:

a.      Insulation for commercial piping,

b.      Mock weapons or targets for various activities, including live action role-playing on a large scale or martial arts,

c.      Child-proofing furniture and other edges that can be found in a home,

d.      Propping up flimsy items for display, such as knee-length boots,

e.      A safety tool used by cyclists—this application is becoming increasingly popular as discourse on cyclist safety continues to expand. Cyclists attach the pool noodle to their bikes, extending outwards to indicate an acceptable distance that vehicles should keep from a cyclist. The pool noodle is soft and light enough that it will not damage any vehicles, hurt pedestrians, or cause the cyclist to get into an accident. Its bright colour and distinct shape makes it an effective warning sign to motorists to respect cyclists and maintain a safe distance.


At Alcot Plastics, we are proud that this humble product has evolved over time to see so many uses. It is amazing what a little bit of well-shaped polyethylene can do.