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Primary Benefits of Backer Rods

February 01, 2016

 Backer rods are cords that are used in control units and expansion units of different sizes in concrete. They are used before sealing to reduce the depth and bottom-side adhesion of the sealant since it acts as a bond breaker. It also increases sealant life by enabling the sealant to assume an average hourglass shape factor. A bond breaker is flexible and therefore will stick to the building material and not to the backer rod. A 3-4 inch putty knife is used in application of the sealant in the cracks or grooves though the sealant may take a while to dry up depending on the size of the crack. However, the results are much faster and dependable with the use of backer rods. Contractors initially used backer rods with mortar to increase stability, save time and to increase the precision.

These backer rods are used by builders for different projects but they commonly use them in filling gaps between building materials. The most common use is flooring and tiling, but backer rods can also be used for wall panel decoration, counter tops, stonework, and window sealing. Backer rods can also be used to fill the space in between panels, then applying caulking material so that a watertight and airtight seal can be created.

Backer rods are also used to add insulation and firmness. Different projects use different specifications for the rods, that is, tiling rods may be different than the rods used for kitchen counters or walkways. For this reason, Alcot Plastics LTD. are able to offer all these different backer rods to meet individualized needs. This trusted company has garnered a glowing reputation and has served the community with knowledge and expertise since 1983. Alcot Plastics LTD. know the importance of reliable backer rods in the construction industry and manufacture them to last.