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Protect Doors and Windows With A Foam Screening Spline

December 08, 2014

There are various ways of ensuring total protection of your doors and windows or those looking for superior polishing. For a foam screening spline, the quality of the finish is defined by the protective power underlying the aesthetics. An additional capability underlying the intumescent screening is the ability to resist wear.

Depending on the use, protective screening systems should define other functional capabilities of the screening as the aroma and stiffness. Essentially, this means the use of materials with proven characteristics in making the screening especially those rapidly cured. A foam screening spline must also have a reliable structural strength leading to other desirable features such as dust and rust resistance, anti corrosion as well as oil and grease repulsion.

This company has been supplying all of Canada and within the globe with best and high quality products that have been tested and tried. The company has a positive response from our customers due to quality products we design and manufacture from the industry. We offer customer satisfaction and preference in accordance to their desire and needs.

Alcot plastics has grown along with developing and modern technology to offer high quality material and products to the clients. The company has invested greatly on innovation to ensure that we give best quality equipment to our clients and customers. Our personnel will take into consideration all the necessary requirements and suggest an optimal solution that caters both to the scale of operation as well as the company budget.

With the support of our modern foam screening spline technology and skilled manpower, our company is considered a leader in foam screening spline methods within various markets we serve. This enables that the risk and feasibility are checked prior to the development of any product ensuring successful of the project launches. We comprehend the effect it has on the end result of foam screening.