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Qualities to Seek in a Manufacturer of Backer Rods

July 15, 2021

Backer rods manufacturers are easy to find with a single search engine query. However, you might be finding dozens willing to manufacture the plastic and foam products you need. To narrow down your list, here are some qualities you should always look for.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is your go-to source for backer rods, and we are driven to meet your needs with our entire line of products.

Long-Term Industry Experience

Adaptability and applied knowledge come from the backer rod manufacturing team's experience. Product output is less meaningful without logistical and strategic experience. If you are working with a manufacturer that has spent decades in the industry, you are working with a powerhouse team that guarantees the results you need.

Fast and Dedicated Manufacturing Machinery and Facility

Speed carries importance in any backer rod manufacturing facility. Reaching this state creates an advantage for manufacturers in dealing with short-term deadlines and "express" services. Fast and dedicated manufacturing machinery helps to meet all of your goals without sacrificing on quality.

A Wide Variety of Products

It is common for plastic manufacturers to make more than backer rods. Some can provide you with a wide variety of plastic and foam products, such as foam rollers, screening splines, and more. Reliable manufacturers prioritize offering solutions as part of their product manufacturing practices.

High-Quality, Accurate Production

Aside from numerous solutions, dependable manufacturers, such as Alcot Plastics, will always create products according to their original designs. If you have custom product specifications, Alcot Plastics can manufacture them based on your outline.

Finding A Manufacturer of This Calibre

You can always count on Alcot Plastics to supply you with top-notch foam and plastic products, as well as other solutions. With decades of industry experience and a dedicated team operating our machinery, we are able to finish your projects on schedule. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we have available.