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Repurposing the Pool Noodle

September 19, 2017

Pool noodles are cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam commonly used for swimming lessons and other swimming related activities. They are very useful when learning to swim, and for rescue reaching. Pool noodles are also used for various aquatic exercises and numerous forms of water play. However, having a great sense of creativity, these useful pool noodles are flexible enough to be used in many more ways out of the water. To give you an idea of how these materials can be used in different ways here are some ideas for you as starters.

Different Ways of Using Pool Noodles for Fun and Creative Purposes

  •  Door Stopper - You can use these soft cylindrical noodles as door stopper to eliminate the annoying noise that slamming of doors produces. All you have to is to take a small part of a noodle and slice its length. Slide it at the edge of the door to have a DIY door stopper that will eliminate the noise of slamming doors and protect your finger from being jammed at the edge of the door.
  • Christmas Wreath Form - Because of its flexibility, you can make a wreath out of a pool noodle just in time for Christmas. Just tape both ends of the noodle to form a circle and design and decorate it from there.
  • Headband Holder - You can also use a larger sized pool noodle to gather and organize all of those girly headbands lying around the bedroom and bathroom. Place it on the side of any vanity furniture or add a string and hang it on the wall to hold both soft and hard headbands for you.
  • Floating Drink Bucket - For adults, these pool noodles can also be used for creating a floating drink bucket that can be useful for storing cold beers and other beverages while having fun in the swimming pool.  
  • Floating Votive Candles Holders - These pool toys can also be used for romantic purposes. They can be used as floating votive candle holders for romantic occasions or debuts. This creates a simple yet effective lighting effect on pools during a spectacular event.

Those are just some fun and creative ideas where you can use pool noodles for a different purpose. All that it takes is a sense of creativeness and ingenuity. If you have more useful ideas in mind, you can comment them here.