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Save Money by Using Pool noodles

December 29, 2016

 Pool noodles are fun pool toys that have been around for years. The fact that they float is the main reason why they are the go to items for water games and activities. They are also useful for learning how to swim, for rescue missions and other aquatic interests.

Pool noodles are almost similar to industrial and residential foam insulation that are often used for pipes. The slight difference being that the industrial foam products are denser and have a structural reinforcement outer layer. These pool noodles can also be used in the residential sector instead of the industrial versions in the building for insulation as they are a bit cheaper, thus saving on cost.


Variety of sizes and color

Alcot Plastics Company manufactures pool noodles in a variety of colors and sizes. The standard diameter typically ranges between two and half to three and half inches. Some are hollow while others are not both serving a variety of different needs.

Apart from being useful in swimming and as being great water toys, pool noodles can be used in artwork. Both in large and small projects, they can also be used as edge protectors that are placed on sharp edges, especially to protect young children from injury. They can also be used as toy weapons, as they are safe with children, all they will need is imagination.


Pool noodle connectors

The other useful product by Alcot plastics limited that comes hand in hand with pool noodles are the connectors. This is a piece of a pipe, also made from foam slightly larger than the pool noodle itself, so that it can connect two pool noodles by joining the two ends of each noodle. They stimulate creativity and imagination by introducing many options when it comes to shaping and using pool noodles. There is not a limit the use of pool noodles and connectors because they are cheap and highly versatile.