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Screening Spline Replacement FAQs

April 06, 2016

Using Screening Spline

Screens for windows and doors are an important fixture in any home because they protect from seasonal elements like dry leaves, insects, and debris. Canadian summertime is a greatly anticipated event, however it means dealing with mosquitos, house flies, and blackflies. A well-installed screen utilizing a sturdy screening spline, whether it is in a house, apartment, or cottage, plays a crucial role in keeping pesky insects outside. Exposure to changes in temperature causes wear on a screen, and over time you may notice it start to warp. This is a common occurrence and most hardware stores will carry replacement kits for door and window screens. Screening spline is a fundamental part of repair—spline extends the life of a screen by securely sealing it in place, making repairs a less frequent requirement.

The Importance of Having a Screening Spline

Screening spline refers to a piece of material, most popularly made of foam, which is pressed into the groove between screen fabric and frame. This forms a tight seal on the screen and securely holds it in place. Screening spline continuously supports the screen even when expansion and shrinkage occurs throughout the seasons.

Fundamental Steps in Window Screening

  • Work with precise measurements. Measure your screen from tip to tip in both height and width. Accurate measurements are absolutely vital when making repairs. Not taking the time to measure out your materials may cause more work down the road.  
  • Choose the right kind of screen. Screen is available in a multitude of colors, and materials range from aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. There are advantages and disadvantages with differences in screen material, ranging from cost to visibility.
  • Hardware choices. Thoughtfully chosen hardware can extend the life span of the screen, as well as accentuate your home décor aesthetic.  
  • Screening spline. The screen should be held firmly in place by a foam screening spline, sourced from a reputable manufacturer.