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Secure Your Windows with Alcot??ôs Foam Screening Spline

April 30, 2018

A foam screening spline is a cord that holds the screen of windows and doors securely in place. It is flexible and comes in a variety of sizes to fit any project. Alcot Plastics offers foam screening spline able to meet any construction or renovation need. It is easy to install and long lasting due to the plastic foam’s durability.


Foam screening spline is weather resistant, keeping its shape for a long time and efficiently insulates any window or screen.


Choosing the correct size and type of spline is important. Spline is available in two colors – black and gray. It is either round or flat in shape. The most common color is black because dark colors such as charcoal and black are the most widely used in screening products.

A good rule of thumb is to use the same color of the spline as the color of the screen you are installing. Having a piece of the old spline is so helpful in matching what you need, in cases of renovations. The most popular spline length available in the market is 25ft. This length is enough to take on any residential or commercial project. A 100ft length of the spline is also available to meet the needs of larger contracting and construction outfits. Spine rollers also help in installing foam screening spline properly.

When installing spines, you can look at both sides to determine proper placement; one is round or curved and the other is flat. The flat side should be on groove while the round side should be facing outward. You will notice a notch. That will be the end of the side you want to insert your spline into. And with the help of you spline rollers, you can just push it in while making sure to do it carefully and accurately.

Alcot Plastic’s foam products are efficient and durable, using versatile plastic foam to address a range of construction and assembly needs. With the foam screening spline, installing screens for windows and doors is easy, durable and efficient. Call us today or visit to find out more.